What if I screw up?—Doubting Ourselves

I’ve just read a post by Matin Kipp on The Daily Love and he was discussing the idea that we all have a question that governs our life—and it got me thinking. “Sure,” I thought, “I have a question. It’s ‘What if it doesn’t work out/they don’t like me/ I screw up/they like me and then I screw up/I’m not good enough?’”

Wait, that’s like five questions, isn’t it? Exactly. We question ourselves all the time—in other words, we are doubting ourselves and questioning our own actions.

Doubt will never get you hired, never help you get that promotion, never help you buy those plane tickets to your first overseas trip. (Believe me, I have been there and seen how my own doubts lost me opportunities). Doubt is another form of Fear and it keeps us from our dreams. In fact, it might be worse than Fear in that it makes us question our own abilities. You fear not getting the job, but you doubt that you are good enough to get it. Which is worse?

So how do we turn that doubt into confidence?

A good start is following Matin’s lead; scratch out your old question and create a new one. A positive one. One that won’t result in you “screwing up.” I am scratching out doubtful questions and instead of “What if I am not good enough?” I will ask, “How can I prove that I am enough, and maybe more?” Instead of “What if it doesn’t work out?” I will ask, “What can I learn from this experience?”

Prepare yourself. Whatever the situation, being well prepared, practiced, and informed means you leave no room for doubt. And when there is no room for doubt, only confidence will remain. Doubt can only exist where uncertainty dwells. Take away uncertainty and you will find confidence.

My NEW primary life question—“How boldly can I live my life?” This is my all-encompassing new question that reminds me to go after all my dreams, regardless of the doubt I might sometimes feel about them and myself.

So I recommend you check out Kipp’s post and figure out what your Primary Question is. And what is your new one? And how do you fight your doubt? Please share your advice and comments by clicking the “Comment” link below.

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