The Lion in Your Life

Sofia Walker is 3 years old—and totally BOLD!

I completely stumbled upon the story of little Sofia Walker and the Lion last night. Last week, she and her family visited the Zoo in New Zealand where Sofia had an amazing encounter with the King of the Jungle himself. Sofia stands right up next to the glass, gazing with fascination at the big beast directly opposite—and he stares right back. He was apparently trying to eat and it seems her presence disturbed him. Lashing out, the lion swipes angrily at the glass, startling little Sofia—but not scaring her away. This little girl just leaned back in again as interested as before, even asking her mom what the beast was trying to tell her.  Unfazed, they stared again, and again the lion lashed out, and again Sofia was not deterred.

How incredible is this? In a world where people struggle with fears all the time, a three year old took on her very own lion. Lions symbolize power, strength, nobility, and courage—and have adorned flags and coats of arms and such things for the same reasons. Why? Because we want to be that lion, to emulate those characteristics, because we value them.

So isn’t it ironic then that what we long to be is also what terrifies us to death? Heck, he’s called a man eater for a reason! But speaking metaphorically now, isn’t that true of most things we want? We are still wanting and still waiting because we are intimidated and scared, not sure if we’ll get eaten alive if we try to go after those ambitions.

Sofia, at three years of age, already has those lion-like qualities, having the bravery to face one eye to eye—and to not let that intimidation alter her interests. Sure, we get startled time to time, but courage means continuing on and not running away.

Be the same. Sofia inspires me to take on my own lion. If it takes pretending that there is some seriously strong glass between me and my fear to enable me to stand up to it, then so be it. But I will find the lion in my life and face it down, and thereby become lion-like myself.

Try to imagine facing your own huge, angry lion and identify him with all your opportunities, dreams and goals. He is what you want and what you fear. Now—start the stare down! Because if a three year old can do it, then so can we!

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2 thoughts on “The Lion in Your Life

  1. Caitlin,
    Your blog is very inspiring. You had great voice and thought provoking ideas. I will definitely remember this video the next time I come up against something that I am scared to do.

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