B.S. Spotlight–Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and who better to discuss on a blog about dream achievement and living life boldly than Dr. King?

Why was Dr. King a Bold Spirit? It’s not because his cause was a just one (which it was); it’s because he chose to stand up and take action and make his dream of a world where the color of people’s skin was no longer a factor when judging them as a person a reality.

He was passionate about his cause and he worked contentiously towards accomplishing his goals, rather than passively hoping someday it would happen. He was extremely courageous, facing obstacles during a time when black people were second class, segregated, and treated inferior to whites. He set out to change an entire mindset–something that placed him in the path of a lot of opposition. He was confident in himself, his dream, and the people who followed him—no doubt because he knew their cause was right, regardless of what others beleived. He was an inspiration.

Aside from the qualities I’ve already mentioned, Dr. King was also a bold leader. In fact, many of those qualities are what helped to make him a leaer. Beyond those, he spoke up and put a voice to the injustice that he saw, and gained followers that believed in him, his cause and the rightness of it. He inspired and encouraged the people to take up the fight too. Sometimes we cannot always achieve our dreams or goals alone—we need help. And having supporters helps boost confidence.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a bold spirit, but the reason he stands out is because his accomplishment was huge. For the rest of us, being bold does not have to happen on such a grand scale; we can learn from a person like Dr. King and incorporate those values into our own life on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter what your dream is; what matters is that you stand up for it and avidly work towards achieving it. Maybe years after you’ve passed away, the nation won’t celebrate a day in your honor, but maybe your family and friends will still honor the memory of you and be inspired by your accomplishments.

So if you had today off from school or work, thank Dr. King for it and acknowledge why he was worthy of a national holiday. He is  figure to look up to.

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Find image credit and a brief biography of Martin Luther King Jr. here.


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