Be an Inspiration

Blue flowers symbolize inspiration, as does the flower Angelica (not shown here).

It’s one thing to be inspired, but to be an inspiration?

My brother told me yesterday that I inspire him. His words. “Caity, you inspire me.” How uplifting and awesome is that? What a great feeling to know you inspire someone? It occurred to me then that I have several people who inspire me, but I’ve never thought that maybe I am someone else’s inspiration. And maybe neither have you.

I took a moment to think about who inspires me. My mother inspires me to be a strong woman. One of my bosses inspires me with the classy way she leads. There are certain authors that inspire me because I desire to write like they do. Why do they inspire me? Because I desire to be and do and think like them.

Now, I have determined that we want to be inspirations! After identifying why certain people inspire me, I thought that if we were to live as though we were an inspiration, to assume we inspired people, then we could bring about our own desired transformations. Like Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” which is the succinct way of saying “be an inspiration for the changes you want to see in the world and the people around you will do the same, and then eventually the world will follow suit.”

To be an inspiration means triggering the desire in someone else to be, act or think a certain way. Being an inspiration is not to be confused with being admired. It is one thing to be admired, and quite another to inspire. Admiration is when one gives credit to, or wonders at, or is impressed by etc, something. Inspiration, on the other hand, is causing or influencing one to want to be, do, or think like the things they admire. You are to be admired, they are to be inspired. Got that? Great!

I want to inspire people to live life boldly, to take life for all its worth and see what they can make of it. I want to inspire my brother to be courageous enough to go after his dreams. I want to inspire future generations of college girls to be strong women, for young adults to learn and lead with style and class. I want to inspire people to live with love instead of fear.

Live like you are an inspiration, because odds are you already are. I was so busy being inspired, it never occurred to me that I might be unintentionally inspiring someone else. Think about that and live your life assuming you inspire others. Decide what you want to impress upon them and start living in a way reflective of that.

So, I guess, be inspired to inspire.

Image taken in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin, Ireland.

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