Make them say “WOW!”

Today, I heard a professor say that to get the grade we want we need to “wow” him everyday—proving we deserve the grade. It occurred to me that the same concept applies to all of the things we want in life. My best example applies to the professional arena. My current employer had actually done the same thing to me. My resume and my completion of his intense application got me an interview, but he warned me, I was to pick up, read thoroughly, and be prepared to be tested on a a huge document of rules and policies that formed the basis of the position I had applied for. I figured, study for a test? I can do that, I’ve done it for years.

Not ten minutes into the interview/grilling on whether I had read or not, he had already decided I had the job. Because I did it, when apparently the interviewees before me hadn’t taken him seriously, I had just proven that I wanted it, was willing to go the distance to get it, and therefore I deserved it.

The thing is, not every employer will inform you of what they want to see, like mine had. It is up to you to prove you deserve the position. The lesson: go the extra mile. If you really want something, are you going to let a mile stop you? Your goal: WOW them all. Going above and beyond is how you do it. And when you apply for something that you truly want, achieving this will be easier than if you are after something you don’t really want deep down. I’ve learned that when something is not meant to be, it simply won’t happen.

In the job world, your resume will get you the interview, but the interview is the test. You need to do your homework and study the hell out of the company, their people, their projects, their vision, etc. You need to figure out where YOU fit into THEIR picture. (The bonus of this preparation is that it makes you more confident.)

I write here about getting a job, but I believe the concept applies to all areas of life. Try to wow yourself, too. You are after making your life what you want it to be, so wow yourself by going above and beyond in your own life. That’s how you achieve your goals.


2 thoughts on “Make them say “WOW!”

    • Thanks! I truly appreciate that. I’ll admit to those rough moments when you think no one wants to read what you have to say–and then I am always pleasantly surprised to find people retweeting my posts or liking them (I guess I am wowing myself). I’m improving my posts and learning one step at a time, just like you tought us!

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