PURPOSE–A Part in the Machine

Having just seen the new Scorsese film “HUGO,” I was moved by its theme of purpose and how the loss of our life’s purpose can thow us into depression. The main character Hugo, an orphaned boy desperate to figure out his own purpose so that he can “work” properly, describes it through a beautiful metaphor. Machines are created with just enough parts to make them function. There are no extra parts; each part within the machine has a specific purpose in helping the functioning of the whole. Hugo looks at life like a giant machine and concludes that if machines have no extra or useless parts, then each and every person within the machine of life has a purpose and function too.

You may be like Hugo, still identifying your purpose, or you may be like another key character, Georges Melies, a man whose purpose was lost to history. He later discovers that his work had been meaningful and he finds joy again.

Humanity often questions the meaning of life, and though we may have no answer at the moment, it is comforting to know we are needed to complete the whole. We are present to fulfill a role.

So I’ll say this. Wherever you are in life right now, you are meant to be there. Whether you stay there or not is also meant to be. Your life has a purpose–its up to you to determine what part you play, whether you help turn the gears of your family, your community, your organization, or lives around the world. And like Georges, you may not realize the importance of your actions till much later. Having a bold spirit, you will embrace your purpose and live life like it means something–because it does.

The film is outstanding and tells a beautiful story. Aside from purpose, Scorsese creatively inserts  other important themes like the idea that life is an adventure, love, hope, boldness, courage, friendship and the idea that everything happens for a reason. If you enjoy these types of movies then I highly advise you check out “Hugo,” directed by Martin Scorsese.

Clip from “Hugo”–The Machine Scene

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