Party like it’s 2012!

Mayan Calendar

It is 2012–the year when the Mayan calendar is set to end on December 21. Whether you are one of the many who fear this may be the last year of the world or not, the idea of it is something to think on. Life itself has an expiration date, but all too often we push off what could be done today. We don’t say what should be said. We live as though there will always be a tomorrow. But what if there wasn’t? What if 2012 was the last year of all our lives? We would have less than 365 days to do all that we wanted to do. What if today was your last day? How would you choose to live it?

What have you been putting off that you could do today? What would you regret not having done? Who would you talk to? Where would you go?

“Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last.”–Prince, 1999

There are two songs that I find prevalent to the subject. In the first, Prince’s 1982 song, 1999, he suggests dancing your life away, i.e. spending your time doing what makes you happy. When you only have so much time, it becomes too precious to spend it unhappily. We all want to be happy, but let things hold us back from that. We let emotions distract us and life’s daily activities divert us. It is up to us to find the enjoyment in what we are doing on a daily basis, to see the positive, not the negative, and to be happy.

The second song is 24 by Jem, in which she sings about having only 24 hours left to live. The song expells a sense of urgency and ultimately, the clock ticking down and the regret felt for all the time she has wasted. Don’t wait till there isn’t enough time; start now. Whether you have today or one hundred years, you may never have enough time. Our time is now, and now is what we’ve been waiting for.

“And I can’t believe how I’ve been wasting my time. In 24 hours they’ll be laying flowers on my life. It’s over tonight.”–Jem, 24

Be greatful for each day you are graced with and don’t waste them. Count your good days, not the bad.  Live with more love and less anger. Make each day beautiful and full. Carpe diem. And assuming 2012 passes into 2013 in relatively the same manner as past years have, you will find life is that much sweeter for living it more completely.

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