Connecting the World Through Music

“Through music we can understand our differences and create a better world.”—Playing for Change

If you haven’t heard of Playing for Change, it’s high time you did! This is a bold group with a bold mission. I first became aware of them in 2010 when I received a viral email containing a YouTube music video for the song “Stand By Me.” (Watch the video below!) Here’s what makes it so special—the song is performed by over 35 different musicians from around the world. They performed and recorded separately and then all the voices and instrumental pieces were compiled into an amazing final product. It gave me chills the first time I saw it and I immediately had to order the whole album.

Playing For Change promotes an idea that I strongly believe in. This is that music communicates on a separate level; it is the international language. On their webpage they state “No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race.” The Playing For Change team uses a mobile production studio in order to record around the world and you see them in action in their music videos.

On the first page inside their album cover they say “Throughout this journey we have created a movement connecting the world through music.” This movement evnetually meant they were able to start the not-for-profit Playing For Change Foundation as a way to give back. Now they bring musicians together for benefit concerts as well as other shows played around the world.

Their first album, Songs Around the World, has such familiar songs as Stand By Me, One Love, War/No More Trouble (with Bono), and more. The songs themselves are fantastically produced, but I believe the bigger impact is when you hear the song in conjunction with their videos. Clearly, my purpose in sharing this is that bold ideas can go far–and start movements. All it takes is purpose and belief.

Amazing music with an amazingly bold message—check out Playing For Change here at their webpage to learn more about their inspiration and their journey.

Below is the “Stand By Me” video which set them on the path to uniting the world through music. All I can say is—beautiful.


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