Living On Purpose

“Hey! You did that on purpose!” Answer: “Well, of course I did.”

What does it mean to live on purpose? Have you ever considered it or whether you are, in fact, living on purpose?

Several weeks ago I connected with Chris Behnke of on Twitter, and he messaged me wanting to know my thoughts on what it means to “live on purpose.” No one had ever asked me something like that before and I’d never given it a ton of thought. Intrigued by such a question I buckled down and gave it some well deserved thinking time. My answer in 140 characters or less was the following—Live on purpose: Every action you make is done conscientiously to achieve the reality of the life you envision.

This is a motto to live by. We should all be living life on purpose, not accidentally. Why do we do the things we do? Because we want to. Because it gets us something or closer to something we want. When someone asks us how we got that promotion or how we got that job, do we answer that it just happened by accident? Probably not that often. They aren’t pulling names out of a hat for promotions or asking us to pick a number. Odds are you meant to get whatever it was you got and that’s why you made sure it happened.

Or, if you haven’t gotten what you want then maybe you need to quit waiting for serendipitous events to occur and start living your life like you mean it. (I believe in serendipity, but I also believe that no harm can come from helping those happy accidents along by changing your mentality and seeking situations that can offer more of them.)

Its time to figure out what you want and how you are going to get there. This is being strategic and I’ve mentioned that in my post on “The Simple Five: Steps to Dream Achievement.” Determine the best route to you destination, strategically and efficiently, and you’ll be there in no time. Well, maybe take some time for the side roads, too. Mean to achieve, but also mean to enjoy the journey!

Your goal: Mean it. Do it on purpose. Intend for it to happen and it will come your way.  When you make a choice, consider whether it is furthering you toward your ultimate goals.

This post is somewhat of an intro to my next. So if this topic interests you and now you’re wondering how to “achieve the reality of the life you envision,” then please check back tomorrow for my post on Life Envisioned.

Please share your own thoughts on what it means to live on purpose in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Living On Purpose

  1. Caitlin,

    Nice new blog design at the top! I don’t think it was there the last time I was here.

    I really like your definition of living on purpose. And I share the same view of serendipity. I believe the universe meets us half way when we take action towards what we want.

    One thing that has helped me live on purpose is to have a personal philosophy statement. I wrote this after it was suggested in a book I read a little over a year ago. It’s less than 100 words and basically defines how I want to live my life in a more general way than having a specific goal.

  2. Hi Greg,

    That’s a great idea. A personal philosophy statement, I’ll have to try that myself, thanks! I bet it’d be a simple way to keep it in mind and to refer back to.

    Glad you like the top design–I’m STILL figuring out how I want it all to look!

  3. Here is my personal philosophy that I came up with. It works for me, but everybody obviously has to come up with whatever works for them. I definitely don’t always live up to it, but I try! I printed it out and have it sitting on my dresser. I’m big into “The Secret” and related books, DVDs, etc., so I mentioned the law of attraction.

    My personal philosophy

    Achieve heaven on Earth by completely loving myself and all others, always being positive, dreaming big, mastering the law of attraction, living in the present, following my bliss, following my intuition, meditating daily, maintaining excellence in health and fitness, surrounding myself with great people who are very supportive of both who I am and what I want to become, always competing in all aspects of my life, and expecting and getting the absolute best of everything.

    • That is an excellent personal philosophy, Greg. I would include several parts of it into my own. In fact, those are parts of life that everyone would benefit from including in their own personal philosophies. Thank you for sharing!

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