Life Envisioned

If you read my previous post, Living on Purpose, then you know it leads into this post–and that my idea of living on purpose is all about achieving what we want in life and doing it because we mean to. Well, where do we start? Here is my idea of how to use your vision of your life to your advantage.

How many of us have truly sat down and listed out what we want to accomplish and where we want our lives to take us?

My advice to you (and myself) is to take time right now and write out exactly how you envision your future. This means visualize it—what do you want to see? Start from where you are right now and describe in as much detail as you require what that future looks like. For example, mine discusses areas such as career, financials, family, true love, retirement and so on. Tailor it to your current aspirations and desires.

Now look at your current actions and decide whether you are on track to achieving the reality of the life you have envisioned. My own answer to that is yes and no. Certain parts I have done and am good at working on, like my education, building my resume, and improving at work, but I need to improve in some other areas that I see essential to the future I want for myself. If your answer is ‘no’, then figure out what you need to do or change in order to change that answer to ‘yes.’

Stay open to opportunity, though. Life can still hold surprises, so save this description in a Word document on your computer’s desktop. This means you can update it. This way you can always check it to remind yourself what you want to achieve, but you can also change it and update it to match new goals and desires. Keep your life’s vision updated so you always have a clear idea of what your ultimate goal is.

This is the method I’ve decided to use for myself. And I keep remembering more stuff that I go back and add. I challenge you to do the same!

If you enjoyed this post, then check back in tomorrow, for I’ll be posting my thoughts on what it means to Live With Purpose, which is different than living on purpose. Change one word and the meaning is totally different!

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3 thoughts on “Life Envisioned

  1. It’s such a great reminder to actually write down what you want from life. It’s very easy to just focus on the day-to-day activities. But stepping back and focusing on what we really want is such an important thing to do.

    Also, I’ve found that there is a big difference between just thinking about what I want versus actually writing it down. In a way, writing it down makes it much more “official” and I think we make ourselves more accountable when that is done.

    • I agree. And I found when I wrote my own that I was using “I will,” not “I might,” “maybe,” or “if.” Telling myself I will do something does make it more official, like you say. More possible and bound to happen. Accountability is good, too. Great points, Greg, like usual!

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