Bold Idea: Underground Park N.Y.C.

Bold ideas leading to bold innovations!

I stumbled across the Matador Change’s newest blog post “NYC to create the world’s first underground green space,” and got really excited. What a neat, new, and BOLD idea? This is a perfect example of a couple of guys being unafraid to put a seemingly crazy–but totally brilliant–idea into action.

Those two guys are Dan Barisch and James Ramsey, the leaders of this amazing new developement. Their plan, to take the idea of the Highline Park and put it underground. That’s right, a sunny, warm park filled with trees and benches sitting underneath the Lowereast East Side. Check out the video here for an introduction on this project and then follow it up with the video in Matador’s article, which describes the technology they will be using to accomplish a sunny subterranean domain.

This park is such a great example of how thinking boldly can help us create a better world. Don’t let anything hold back your ideas. There are arguments that times of hardship or scarcity force progress and innovation. I agree, but its the minds that are willing to stretch the limits, to be creative, to seek new opportunities, to go crazy and see what comes of it!

Please share the Lowline Park with others and comment your ideas regarding the park or bold minds in action!


2 thoughts on “Bold Idea: Underground Park N.Y.C.

  1. Caitlin,

    This is a very interesting idea. I really like coming across ideas like this, because they make me even more open-minded about what is possible. And then I’m more likely to think of new ideas or come up with more creative solutions to existing problems.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • I agree! It just struck me as totally innovative and creative. I love those ideas because they remind me that people are far more clever than they give themselves credit for. We truly can do anything as long as we keep an open mind and shoot for the starts.

      Thanks, Greg!

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