Thanks to the “The Supermanager”

The Supermanager: A Short Story About the Secrets of an Extremely Successful Manager

I was tought, when I was introducted to blogging and tweeting, that the point was to help others so that in return you could be helped. So naturally I was pleased and excited when Greg Blencoe, author of “The Supermanager,” began to notice my page and leave great comments and to share my posts with others. So, to help back I commented on his page, but found shortly after that he was not adding new content. Manage Better Now noticed the same thing and stated that Greg had a reason for keeping the same page up. That page, which is titled My Goal for 2012: Make My Book, “The Supermanager” a Best Seller by the End of the Year, says it all—why he’s tweeting, why he’s helping others promote their blogs. I had left my comment, but when he continued to help me out, even becoming an acquaintance, I thought, but what else can I do?

Why had it not ocurred to me to read his book? I was blown away when he sent me a free copy of his book. Wow! But would I have time to read it? Busy student here. I surprised myself by reading his book the same day I got it, in less than two hours. And furthermore, I really enjoyed the message; it felt like it had come at the right time and really gave me confidence in setting out to become a manager. I emailed a thank you, and left a favorable review on Amazon, but still felt indebted. Turns out his book is only $4.99, so I felt guilty that I hadn’t just bought it in the first place. He’s trying to promote his book, but gave me a free copy. How else could I let him know how much I appreciated the book? What more could I do?

In his response email he had left the link to Manage Better Now’s review for his book, which is excellent—and it told me there was at least one more way I could help back. So here is my stamp of approval on “The Supermanager”, a fable-like story that offers seven key pieces of wisdom to how to be a successful manager (a super-manager). It is an excellent read for any manager looking to improve his methods. Told from the perspective of a recent graduate facing managing his first team, it also makes an excellent confidence-boosting read for any manager-to-be. It is short, sweet, to the point and completely worth your time. At the inexpensive price of $4.99, everyone can afford to pick this up and benefit from its quality message. Check it out here on

On top of that, I have purchased two more copies; I have a fellow student and a current manager/coworker who could benefit from the lessons of the “The Supermanager.” I can honestly say that, had the book not interested me, I would not bother spending more money on it or to write a post praising it.

This post, while praising Greg and his book, is also about remembering gratitude. We are all out there trying to spread our stuff, but we have to remember that help often comes to those who help first. How did Greg help me? He shared my posts on Twitter. He gave me thought provoking comments. He gave me a free book. His book gave me a great lesson and something that will affect the future of my managing career for the better. Help is not something to be taken for granted—even online. Your goal: Remember to say THANKS when someone helps you. And what better way to say THANKS than to ask “now how can I help you?”

Through it all, I have also made an interesting connection that I am grateful to have. Thanks, Greg! Best of luck spreading the wisdom of “The Supermanager”!


2 thoughts on “Thanks to the “The Supermanager”

  1. Caitlin,

    Wow, thanks SO much for the amazing post!!! I’m filled with gratitude! This has made my day.

    I love how you started the post by mentioning how blogs, tweeting, etc. can lead to people helping each other out. I completely agree with this. I have listened to Gary Vaynerchuk a lot about social media and he stresses the importance of giving to others.

    I definitely tried to take the approach of giving to others and showing interest in others first. After looking through many, many blogs (mostly those focused on leadership/management) back in January/early February, I found 6-8 blogs that resonated with me and yours was one of them. I found out about your blog after Dr. Bret wrote the post about you and another UN-R student. It’s been so fun to provide comments and be a part of the conversation. I’ve gained a lot from your posts here.

    My goal was to hopefully develop mutually beneficial relationships. I enjoy giving to others and it is obviously great when people do nice things for you (like this!). I feel grateful to have already developed some great relationships in less than two months. The anonymous blogger at Manage Better Now and you are two examples of people that I’ve become good friends with. It’s wonderful when both people support each other and take an interest in the other’s success.

    Thanks so much for the kind words about “The Supermanager”! I really appreciate it. It’s been a long road during the time I’ve written the five versions of the book. And it’s so fun and fulfilling now that I’ve got the material right and things are really starting to happen.

    I was totally happy to send you a free copy. I really appreciate your taking the time to read it and post a review on Amazon.

    I hope your fellow student and current co-worker/manager enjoy the book! Thanks so much for buying each of them a copy.

    I look forward to following your journey. With your graduation coming up, things should get really interesting. There are so many possibilities and I know you will do extremely well no matter what path you choose!

    • It was my pleasure, Greg!

      I learned the mentality of helping others through social media from Bret Simmons, who I think may also have gotten the idea from Gary Vaynerchuk. I think it is very important to remember to help others.

      I really appreciate your kind words about my posts! At this point, my audience is small, but I am always pleased when I see people benefit or gain enjoyment from them. Most of the time I write what I’m dealing with or thinking about, so it’s always interesting that they apply to others as well.

      I like your point about friendship–that it means taking mutual interests in each other’s success. So true!

      As for your book, I was happy to buy them and think my friends will benefit greatly. I admire the dedication you have put into writing, perfecting, and sharing “The Supermanager” with others. Thanks for the encouragement; my graduation nerves are subsiding and being replaced by excitement. Se we shall see what life can offer!

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