Remember to Dance!

There are moments in life that get tricky and hard to handle. There are times when we worry and fear taking a wrong step. There are times when the day was rough instead of awesome. This is when we need to remember to dance!

Have you ever dreamt that you were dancing? I have. According to Dream Moods Dream Dictionary, “to dream that you are dancing signifies freedom from any constraints and restrictions. Your life is in balance and in harmony.”

A few weeks ago I had a dream that, summed up, was one where I am a young child in a family that is trapped in a troubled town. There is an oppressive sense of being forced to stay with no chance of escape. The solution is when I am told to “give the gift” to someone, but there is no physical gift. Instead I begin to dance and so does everyone else, barefooted, kicking up dust, laughing and having the complete senstation of joy and happiness.

Dreams are wierd, no question, but this one told me something: Quit stressing out and just dance for a moment. I had been stressed, confused, and worrying over too many things at once, and obviously it was manifesting into my subconscious.  I felt trapped. Taking the dream pretty literally, by dancing I could let go of the problems and enjoy the situations, the people, the opportunities, and the simple joy of the experience. Basically, dancing would free me.

My message to you today: Just Dance! It’ll be okay. What ever is holding you back or stressing you out, just let it go and dance for a while. Play your favorite dance song and go for it. Self conscious? Go into your room, shut the door, turn out the lights and turn on the music.

We often build our problems up into something monstrous and inescapable–that’s the time to step back and let go for a bit. We have to remind ourselves to not get trapped, but to keep it all balanced.

Dancing reminds us to enjoy the moment and the journey. Just as we lose ourselves to the rhythm of the song, so too can we lose ourselves to the rhythm of life. Enjoy it, dance to it. Don’t get hung up on the steps, the point is to have fun, and if you can’t have fun dancing, you might as well stand still–because life is for enjoying.

Some songs to get you moving!

Everybody Dance Now!–C + C Music Factory

G-Get Up and Dance!–Faber Drive

Just Dance!–Lady Gaga

I’ll Be Dancing With Myself–Billy Idol

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8 thoughts on “Remember to Dance!

  1. Caitlin,

    What a great message!

    I just took your advice. And fortunately for humanity, nobody was watching. I chose C + C Music Factory. That song was huge when I was a junior in high school. I figured you would be too young to know about them!

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this before (it’s gotten over 5 million views), but here is a classic dance video with a great leadership lesson:

    And here is a video that is over 8 minutes of him dancing just before the video above which shows he was dancing on his own for a while:

    • Yes, C + C Music factory…I inherited the album from my mom years ago. Guess it stuck with me, and it’s such a great song!

      Yes, I have seen Video #1, and thought it was great. Super inspiring and perfect example of why leaders are bold…infact it was the inspiration for my Bold Leader post. Anyway, Video #2 I had not seen. What guts and total lack of self-consciousness it would take to “Just Dance!”

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