Make The Jump!

“The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be…because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap!”–Mary Anne Radmacher

A wonderful quote that I am working hard to live my life by. Are you? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to become? How far must you jump? Will you make it to the other side? Is your goal worth leaping for? If it is your dream, then you bet it is.

It is scary and so easy to get sidetracked, to veer away from our dreams, but listen to Mary Anne Radmacher and go ahead and JUMP!


2 thoughts on “Make The Jump!

  1. For some reason, the blogs I follow mirror my own. Sunday’s post is in the can. A re post with a twist from last year.

    It’s all about taking a small first step.

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