Believing is Being

I believe in Audrey’s words—and more.

I believe in happily ever after.

I believe in magic.

I believe in love.

I believe in hard work and rewards.

I believe in shooting for the stars, even if your feet are still on the ground.

I believe in standing tall.

I believe in being your best and believing in yourself, even when it seems like the world is against you.

I believe in dreams and the power they hold.

I believe in Tulips and Sunflowers. And gardens.

I believe in friends and family.

I believe in laughing out loud and that smiling can brighten a day.

I believe in COLOR, and coloring your world bright!

I believe in being passionate in all that you do!

I believe in the good times.

I believe in CHOCOLATE, and lots of it!

I believe in greatness.

I believe that being goofy every now and then reminds you to be you.

I believe that purpose and motion get things done.

I believe in the journey and the power of learning as we go.

I believe in life and the goodness it can hold.

Maybe it’s not “I have a dream,” but belief gives strength, power, and hope where it may not otherwise be. This is a happy life list. It is a list of things in life that
make me happy, that I choose to believe in, like Audrey.

What do you believe in? Share your belief list! I choose to believe in these because they remind me that life is beautiful. In the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the highs and lows—Life is worth believing in!


2 thoughts on “Believing is Being

  1. Great post , Caitlin! I’ll repeat some of the things that were written, but here is my list…

    I believe in unconditional love and try to practice it as much as possible.

    I believe that dreams can come true.

    I believe in seeing the glass as half full.

    I believe in surrounding yourself with people who love you for who you truly are and are supportive of where you want to go (and vice versa).

    I believe that age is just a number.

    I believe most people are capable of so much more than they realize.

    I believe in being a realistic optimist.

    I believe in being committed to work that is fulfilling and also taking vacations from time to time to get away from it.

    I believe that being yourself and being true to yourself is extremely important.

    I believe it’s OK to be different.

    I believe in following your instincts.

    I believe the only true “failure” is not trying.

    I believe persistence is typically a huge part of success.

    I believe in laughter.

    I believe life should be fun.

    • Hey Greg! You have added excellent beliefs to the list–some of which I am stealing and adding to my own, like seeing the glass half full and that most people are capable of more than they realize. So true! In fact, I’ll just adopt your whole list and add it my own.


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