Time for a Bucket List

I have always thought about a bucket list, but never got around to actually writing one out. I have always been a promoter of positive intention and adamantly support writing out goals or making vision boards to make them more concrete and therefore easier to accomplish…so why postpone something as important and fun as a bucket list?

Just recently I learned of someone else’s bucket list and the importance of it to them. Via a friend, I was introduced to Ben, a very nice man who I just met briefly, who I knew little about. My friend later told me that Ben’s wife has been battling cancer for about a decade. She is currently cancer free, but the liklihood of it returning is very high. As a result they are not wasting any time in accomplishing the biggest, most important to her, item on her bucket list—to see Mount Rushmore. Their trip to Rushmore has been delayed and postponed several times over the years due to the cancer, but now they are finally making it happen.

I heard this story and it struck me as an amazing example of the power of dreams and goals. We have a set amount of time allotted to us in this lifetime. We have a set amount of days in which to live, experience, hope, love, etc. And not every day is a perfect day. Work, errands, responsibilities, finances, and sadly, illness, can get in the way of us living our days doing just what we want. We need goals to ensure that we pursue something and don’t waste our good days.

Ben is taking his wife to Mount Rushmore, to fulfill one of her bucket list desires, before her cancer returns. Meeting Ben briefly and then learning something that not everyone gets to hear about reminded me to make my own bucket list and work on it now. In addition, it showed me that everyone has a story to tell, has hopes and dreams. I feel grateful to Ben and his wife, though they don’t realize it, for what is to me an inspiring story. I may never see Ben again, but he and his wife helped me finally sit down and chart out my own bucket list, which can be viewed via the link above.

I encourage you, if you have not already done it, to write out your list and even include things that you have already accomplished. Then you see what you’ve done and where you want to go. So get started! You never know what curve ball life may throw your way; you just need to keep a smile and a dream to get through it and keep moving forward.

Thanks to Ben and his wife, I wish them all the happiness in the world. Yours is a touching story. Thanks for getting my butt in gear!


3 thoughts on “Time for a Bucket List

  1. Caitlin,

    Thanks for the inspirational post.

    The movie “The Bucket List” was on TV here on a Saturday a month or so ago. I planned on just watching a few minutes, but I watched the whole thing even though I’ve seen it several times.

    I see #3 is “Become a fabulous photographer.” The picture of you writing your bucket list is really cool, so I think you have already accomplished that one!

    • Hey Greg, how’s it going?

      I love the concept of a personal bucket list, but I have yet to see the movie. I’ll add it as a “to do” item to my list.

      I should totally add photography to my list–I love it and do pretty well–the ironic part here is that the bucket list photo isn’t mine! I’ll have to fix that.

      Take care!

      • Hi Caitlin,

        My apologies, I thought you took that picture! But I think it’s great you are into photography. Ironic, indeed!

        Now I realize that I thought you were referring to the picture when you wrote:

        “… chart out my own bucket list, which can be viewed via the link above.”

        But the link is above that to the right of the home link. I’m going to check out your bucket list after I finish writing this comment.

        I think you will really enjoy the movie when you get a chance to see it. Please let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to check it out.

        Things have been going well. I just got back into blogging, Twitter, etc. after being away for a couple of months.

        I decided to get into video blogging and have been learning about that lately. I have posted a couple of the videos I’ve done on my blog.

        Video is really interesting. That’s the way I found out about your blog. I saw your video that Dr. Bret Simmons posted early this year.

        Have a great weekend,

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