6 Reasons to Do it By Yourself

 1. Don’t miss out on awesome activities.

All too often we wait for our friends to do something with us, but for one reason or another they are never available when we are, can’t afford it right now, or deep down really aren’t interested in it. So we sit and we wait and ultimately miss out on doing something we really wanted, because we wouldn’t do it alone.

2. Meet new people.

When you pull yourself away from your comfort zone and put yourself in a new situation, you are forced to meet new people. This is beneficial for multiple reasons; you can see the world from new points of view, discover new opportunities, and expand your connections. All good things.

3. Understand yourself better.

Alone we are forced to view, interpret, and understand the world from our own unhindered perspectives. We are free to come to our own conclusions without the input of our friends, whose opinions may influence or override our own. By ourselves, we have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of ourselves and how we connect with the world.

4. Push your limits.

You discover just how far you can go—with no help from anyone else. This is about you, what you want to try, what you can survive, and how far you can go—alone. Never imagined you could travel alone? Surprise! You will be amazed to discover just how much you are capable of.

5. Become a more interesting (i.e. BOLDER) person.

When we are bold enough to take charge and do something new or different or scary all by ourselves, we exude confidence—and people are attracted to that. You have exciting and bold stories to tell. You really did that all by yourself? I wish I was brave enough to do that…

6. Build your confidence.

Taking the initiative to try something new without the support of a friend to do it with you speaks volumes about an individual’s character and attitude about life. It can be scary to see/try/learn something completely different when we don’t have a supportive pal with us.  Although it’s fun to have a friend along, a friend can also be an inhibitor.

As a result of all the above items, our confidence is bolstered as we realize we can accomplish anything, with or without our friends. We gain faith in our own abilities and find we can take on more than we ever imagined.

Make a point of doing something new by yourself every so often—and see how it can change your life.

I wanted to come up with 7 to 10 reasons, but feel like I summed it all up here….Please fill out the list if you think I missed some excellent reasons to just do it by yourself and share them below!

In addition, I really want to hear some inspirational things you have done by yourself that helped you grow. For example, I traveled through Europe for three weeks all by myself—Scary? Check. Exciting? Check. Confidence-boosting? Double check! Life changing? You get the idea.


4 thoughts on “6 Reasons to Do it By Yourself

  1. Hi Caitlin. Very nice post. If I can add something according to my experience, it is nice do it by yourself, when something is not working you cannot blame anybody else than you, so you react immediately without blaming no one and you just fix it.
    The risk anyway is to don’t became a team player. The best approach for me is related to the responsability. It’s your responsability! If you could find out someone else that could help you, facilitate or contribute that’s good, but remember: it is your reponsability, if something is not working you can blame only yourself. In this case you could be a great team player (taking the best from around you) and at the same time you have the commitment of being accountable for.

    • Hi Ivan! I love that you call it responsibility and I agree, your life is your responsibility–and at the end of the day being able to say you had a great life full of experiences comes down to you alone.

      Thanks for your spot on input!


  2. Hi Caitlin!

    Great post and love your new sunflower themed blog!

    When I was 21 I did an exchange program here in the U.S. – it changed my life forever! Never did I expect when I got on the plane over here, that this country would later become my home! During my first year here I remember traveling across America by train for 3 weeks (kind of like you did with Europe). Doing that kind of thing made me realize I can do anything and go anywhere without needing to wait for someone else to want to do the same thing.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Marie! I love your experience; its great to hear it from the opposite perspective of what I did. Glad it changed your outlook on taking on life’s adventures for the better.

      Take care,


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