Watch This–Can’t ≠ Excuse

Impressive. Dr. Bret has yet another set of talented students making Personal Brand Videos in his social media class, and he has singled out one extra impressive one. As a former student, I enjoy seeing his students continue to excel, and the video below really got me.

Mike Alt, an incredibly bold individual, has created a wonderfully motivational video about not letting “can’t” keep you from doing anything.

Let this video help to remind you to be grateful for what you have. Too many of us who have never dealt with adversity hold ourselves back from greatness because the menial things can seem too difficult. The next time to find yourself saying “I can’t” or listening to someone say “you can’t,” stop! Make “can’t” your buzz-word for a knee jerk reaction of “Oh yes I can! Just watch this!” Our daily difficulties don’t compare to the great challenges faced by others–so kick “can’t” out the window and move on to success.

Check out Mike Alt’s webpage and help spread his message!


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