About the Blog

Welcome to the Bold Spirit blog!


The purpose of this blog is to inspire and encourage everyone to live life with a bold attitude and behavior. To encourage everyone to bring courage, creativity, confidence, passion, purpose, and more into their daily lives, from what they do at home to what they do at work.


The goal is to eventually see this blog become a source of inspiration for bold living, of current news on bold trends for life and business, and motivation for encorporating acts of boldness into our daily lives at home and at work. Through the creation of bolder individuals, the Bold Spirit blog will help the world benefit and become a better place.


The Bold Spirit blog upholds the concept that bold individuals, by their very natures, will help the world on its journey towards being a better place.

Boldness includes courage, creativity, confidence, passion and purpose, as well as other characteristics.

Life is simultaneously too short and too long to spend it doing things you do not enjoy.


Below is the original inspiration and founding video of the Bold Spirit blog–check it out!

This video works as an introduction to me and what I am blogging about–living with a Bold Spirit.

I am a college student facing graduation within a few months and the prospect of starting my career. Something that I find daunting at times. As a result, I have recently discovered the absolute necessity of overcoming shyness, being more self confident, and overcoming my fears–basically living with a Bold Spirit. The reason is because I want to see all my dreams come true; I don’t want to lose them as past illusions we are teased with as children but grow up to find that us average folk don’t actually get to see those come true.

Being bold, my theme for this blog and for life, is a way to approach how you live life so that you can achieve all your goals and desires. The word bold encompasses courage, confidence, creativity, passion and a whole lot more, which will be covered in this blog eventually. Courage means facing our fears and not letting them get the best of us. Confidence means we don’t let doubt, fear’s brother, make us think we aren’t capable of doing what we need. Creativity, to me, is putting yourself into your own life, making it what you want it to be. And passion is necessary to remind yourself to do only what you want to do, what you love doing–not because anyone told you you should do it.

Above all, bold means you are always moving forward, learning, improving and so on. You are never stuck, unless you let yourself be.


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