Life’s Most Important Questions

These are some very important questions that I think everyone should think about at some point in time. I believe the key to determining our path in life and making our dreams come true starts by knowing ourselves and our desires. Try answering these questions as a jumping off point. Be as detailed as you need for each one and say everything that comes to your mind for each one.

  1. Who am I as a person?—Who am I as a worker?
  2. What am I completely passionate about?
  3. What values/ideals do I believe in?
  4. What are my specific goals/dreams for life and career?—Where do I want to go?
  5. Am I currently on my way to where I want to go?—How do I plan to get there?
  6. What do I fear and why? Do I let these fears keep me from my goals?
  7. Am I happy?—If not, why not and can I change it so that I am happy?

This list could always change! As usual, I am learning and sharing this knowledge with you, so this list may be a work in progress.


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